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        The Story Behind it All
The Story Behind it All
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Girls have always dreamed of becoming Princesses...
In the past, that meant they were shown a beautiful, idealized version of a Princess and told to go imitate her. But something was missing. Girls were never shown how to be their own kind of Princess their best selves, defined not only by physical beauty but by inner beauty.

That all changes with My Princess Academy, the extraordinary online school that empowers girls to be a "new kind of Princess" by instilling in them the "4 Pillars" of being a Princess -- generosity, intelligence, beauty and confidence. With our dress-up products, accessories, and dcor toys, your daughters imagination will take flight. Each product comes with a special Princess Virtue that will help your princess learn at home while having fun as a princess. While online, in an enchanted castle filled with magical classrooms, shell play fantastic games, participate in wonderful activities and earn "Princess Points" to decorate her very own Princess Dorm Room! Shell advance from "Pixie Princess" to "Crown Princess" and go back out into the world to share the wonderful virtues shes learned.

To give your daughter access to the special "locked" games on My Princess Academys site, youll need an access code which you can get by visiting our online store and purchasing a magical My Princess Academy produc